Jumat, 12 Oktober 2012

AQUAPRO Curved Tank

In built T5 Light-set with IP67 rating in accordance to EU requirements (allows immersion up to 1m)
Choice of lighting configurations. T5 x 2 or T5 x 4.
Curved glass frontage for enchanced viewing heating.
Available in different sizes to suit all aquatic needs.
Black and white for optional color
For marine and fresh water

1. V5-R 80. 800x460x730/680. No. of light : 2x24 watts (T5). Glass thickness 10 mm
2. V5-R 120. 1200x460x730/680. No. of light : 4x39 watts (T5). Glass thickness 10 mm
3. V5-R 150. 1500x460x820/680. No. of light : 4x54 watts (T5). Glass thickness 12 mm
4. V5-R 200. 2000x750x850/680. No. of light : 6x36 watts (T5). Glass thickness 15 mm

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